The Human Factor: Happy workers do a better job!

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Victoria Comments
Quality Air Care at Bellamy Homes

Workers sheathing the roof

It’s early Friday morning. Three workers are starting their day. Two are on the roof getting set up for sheathing. Time for a quick smoke break. One is in a zoom boom lifting a load of materials to the roof. The day will be hot. There is a lot of work to be done. It all needs be finished today.

Bellamy Homes

Every morning workers across the country start their day. Some may have had a fight with their spouse. Some may be happy about spending the night with their new love. Medications, fatigue, general health, emotional state, personal issues, knowledge of task and level of experience, attitude about employer….there is no end to the variables that effect how the job will be performed.

The human factor effects all areas of work. The quality, safety and efficiency of a job can all be dramatically influenced by the people performing the task.

This feature will explore the human factor and highlight Bellamy Homes, a custom home builder in the beautiful Okanagan Valley who is doing something right. Bellamy Homes has learned that happy workers build great homes. The company owner, Les Bellamy, has put systems in place to keep his crews happy.

The Human Factor will look at how systems management can help a company have it all. It is not necessary to compromise any aspect. Bellamy Homes is an example of how focusing on quality will improve efficiency. Anyone who has experienced the time drain of customer call backs and deficiency lists can learn from Les. Les has also implemented a safety program through Safety Solutions at Work. His program is practical, designed for his crew and his systems and works!

Bellamy’s workers feel like their employer cares about them. The crews receive a schedule at project start so they know exactly when they are to arrive on site and their timeline. They have the time and space to work without tripping over other trades. Housekeeping is a priority so that workers have a clean and safe place to set up ladders and scaffolding. Quality is not diminshed by excess dust or clutter. Workers can work more efficiently without having to trip over other trades. The schedule avoids stacking trades on top of each other. The crews are happy and fiercly loyal to Bellamy Homes. That loyalty is returned by Les who contracts the same trades ongoingly.

Joe Scott Contracting and Victoria from Safety SolutionsImagine a workplace where you do not have to train new people for every project! Imagine how consistency in the workplace would improve efficiency and quality. Visualize how much safer your workplace would be if everyone was working on the same page. Worker satisfaction has an enormous impact on a company’s bottom line

Look at the faces of the workers in the pictures. They want to do a good job. Employers can set workers up for success or for failure. Happy workers do great work!

The next article will look at planning for success: Steps employers can take to help their workers be successful.

I invite employers, workers, contactors, spouses, children to comment below on “What makes a happy workplace?” Post a comment to facebook and share. I want to hear from all types of workplaces. The goal will be to feature and share the best ideas to take back to the workplace.

To learn more about our featured company visit: Bellamy Homes

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