Recall Alert for Guardian Fall Protection Equipment

Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by Victoria Comments

Guardian Fall Protection has issued a recall alert for their Swivel Snaphook.

They are asking users of their fall protection equipment to inspect the swivel snaphooks attached to their products.  The inspection notice, dated June 26th 2012,  is for Guardian Fall Protection  products that have a swivel snap hook.

Here is the inspection notice:  Guardian Fall Protection Inspection Notice


GFP was made aware of a non-injury incident involving a GFP Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) where a swivel snaphook experienced a failure. The nut that holds the swivel eye to the hook body backed off the hook stem and came loose. The non-injury incident was discovered during initial inspection of the equipment performed by the user. This incident highlights the importance for workers to inspect their gear before every use.

The potentially dangerous and faulty condition was caused when GFP’s supplier of a particular swivel snaphook missed a swaging operation that encapsulates the swivel eye and prevents the threaded nut from backing off of the hook stem. This situation is restricted to a certain type of swivel snaphook supplied to GFP and is identified in the inspection notice. Upon discovery, both GFP and the supplier have increased inspection processes to ensure this cannot occur in the future. Supplier and GFP inventories have been inspected for this condition upon discovery

No defective units were found in inventory. Any products purchased after June 26th, 2012 have been fully inspected for this defect and any other defect.


Guardian Fall Protection Recall

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