Critical tasks

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Here are two critical tasks to be aware of on the worksite in terms of WSBC:

1. Falls:
The most frequent and most severe injuries are occurring from falls. Falls from ladders, falls from heights, falls from scaffolds, falls from everywhere. People are falling and they are getting hurt. We need to work on fall protection. WSBC has very little tolerance for working from heights without fall protection. They are looking for guard rails and for covered openings. They want to see safe work platforms in place. Every contractor that I know is struggling with creating effective fall plans.

Let’s open up a discussion for best practices for working at heights.

How do you keep your crews off of the top plate?

2. Excavations:
Excavating is the other big problem identified by WSBC. There is a very high incidence of hits on gas lines. There are issues of lack of standards in gas line installation and obtaining accurate locates. Combined with excavator operators who are not following guidelines about hand digging around lines to expose, WSBC is being called almost daily for gas line hits.

A B.C. municipality just had a major incident where a worker hit a gas line and created a pool of gas that seeped into the sewer, the electrical boxes and pooled in the ground. This had the potential for a catastrophe equivalent to the gas fire in Nairobi this summer. The City is freaked out!!!

Is your company calling in for locates? Is your locate information accurate?

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